Let's Clear Some Air

A very important and timely event organised by the RAP23 community group... A community taking things into its own hands, to force this issue.

Please share and spread the word!!!

RAP23 invite you to join us in the drive for clean air in North Kensington.

The air quality in our area frequently breaches safety standards, with nitrogen dioxide and heavy particulate pollution at levels that are a known threat to human health.

There are steps we can take as individuals and as a community to improve the air quality in our borough.

Join us on FRIDAY, 12th of MAY, at Bay 56 Acklam Village, Acklam Road, London W10 5TY and:

* get informed about the impact of air pollution on you and those around you
* find out about what steps you can take today to improve the quality of the air in your home and neighbourhood
* design and direct the actions and campaigns that RAP23 will organise to improve air quality in the area

We have expert guests with big ideas that our community can start putting into place:
Professor Cedo Maksmovic - expert in green infrastructure
Simon Birket - the leading campaigner from Clean Air in London
Leonie Cooper - Chair of the London Assembly Environment Committee.


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