Review into Institutional Racism at Westway Trust Drop-in Sessions

The Tutu Foundation is running an independent and fully-comprehensive review into Institutional Racism covering the practices and policies of the Westway Trust, both past and present.

The once 50/50 councillor/"community" board structure has changed to unequal thirds. Race is a central theme to the imbalance. It can be - it is! - the weighty elephant to crack this well-strategised nut. So it is hoped that people put any discomfort to one side and engage in this concerted effort to make change.

One Voice Community Collective and Westway23 are holding a series of drop-in sessions for people who would like help with the process.

Say it

  • If you think that Class has been the deciding factor in your relationship or non-relationship with the Trust, say it.
  • If what you have to say is "only my opinion". Say it.
  • If you've seen or heard things that made you feel uncomfortable. Say it.

Drop-in sessions to help

  • Submitting evidence
  • Accommodating specific needs and requests for submitting evidence
  • Requesting an interview
  • Understanding the review process, structure and possible outcomes

All sessions are held with Niles Hailstone; co chair of the Community Advisory Group (set up to encourage and support as many people as possible to feed into the review).

  • Dates
  • Sun 25th Nov 2-5pm
  • Fri 30th Nov 1-5pm
  • Sun 2nd Dec 2-5pm
  • Mon 3rd Dec 6-9pm
  • Tue 4th Dec 1-5pm
  • Fri 7th Dec 1-5pm
  • Sun 9th Dec 2-5pm
  • Mon 10th Dec 6-9pm

Held at
The V1llage, Bay56, Acklam Village, 4-8 Acklam Rd, W11 5TY

Niles Hailstones 07949 890 245